May 2, 2024, 8 p.m.

Schauspielhaus Zürich (Pfauen)
Rämistrasse 34
8001 Zürich

We are granny-mother-child-hybrids. We all harbor cells from our mothers throughout our lives – and our mothers, some of ours. In Blutbuch, the narrator Kim takes stock
of the things we carry on without being asked to, things that have seeped into our bodily memory via cells and narratives: fears, desires, and affiliations. Boundaries, rules and all that was never said, out of shame, hypocrisy or pain. Kim takes a stand against staying silent. After all, if we are connected to everything, then surely we can change – can’t we? So how do we get everything back in motion?

Leonie Böhm and author Kim de l’Horizon met last year in Zurich. Leonie Böhm – whose radical adaptations of the classics have made her thoughts and emotions tangible in the here and now, bringing out their transformative potential – now turns to contemporary source material that already contains the will for dialogue and change. And Kim de l’Horizon puts Blutbuch – arguably the most talked-about German-language literary debut of last year and winner of the 2022 Swiss and German Book Prizes – into an artistic process with an open outcome.


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