March 27, 2023, 8 p.m.

Schauspielhaus Zürich (Pfauen)
Rämistrasse 34
8001 Zürich

“Get out of here” is the mantra of Chekhov’s Drei Schwestern (three sisters) and their neighbors – yet, at the end of the play, no one leaves. In this version, Schwestern, however, only one person remains, left all alone.
With a refined concept that takes the play’s ending to a new level, director Leonie Böhm and actor Lukas Vögler create a haunting monologue about leaving stale ways of life behind, as well as the power that lies dormant beneath one’s own passivity. They search for that moment when a wound stokes the inner fire and sparks a new future beyond the assigned roles and preconceived feelings that we sometimes put on like sewing patterns. 


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