May 20, 2022, 8:30 p.m.

8005 Zürich

Strata Records is an independent label from Detroit which published Jazz-, Funk and Soul records in the early 70’s. It was created as a reaction to the unrests of 1967 and the assasination of Martin Luther King, the protests against the Vietnam war and the civil rights movement. Initially Strata acted as a non-profit organisation which provided food programs and jazz concerts on a local level.

In a similar manner to the original Strata collective, Jazzanova is also a creative musical community which has dedicated itself to constant further development. Founded in 1995 in Berlin, the original five members came together as a collaboration between DJs and producers in order to create future-oriented dance music, inspired by their love of Funk, Jazz, Disco, Latin, etc. From 2009 Jazzanova then began to play with their own band, to newly interpret classic sounds and to create new songs, which led to the newest venture. Their versatility and profound knowledge make Jazzanova the perfect partner to present the «Strata-Sound» to a contemporary audience.

LINE-UP: Sean Haefeli voc, David Lemaitre voc/g, Sebastian Borkowski sax/fl, Florian Menzel tp, Stefan Ulrich tb/electronics, Christoph Adams keyb, Paul Kleber b, Stefan Leisering perc/electronics, Jan Burkamp dr

Following the concert in Moods there will be an Afterparty with DJ Amir in Kasheme.


Kulturstelle contact: Helena Golling email

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